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Interview Arrangements in Norway

An often-time-consuming item in shoot projects abroad, is to find, contact and book the right relevant authority, experts or academics on certain theme or a suitable leader of a local organization for an interview to enlighten the viewer on a certain topic about Norway.

Fixer in Oslo provides support in matching the exact relevant individual to the story and make all the needed arrangements for the interview.

We also arrange an Interview Arrangements together with local team of Photographer, Sound Technician, Interviewer, all needed equipment for the shoot and B-Rolls.


In the past years we have arranged interviews and assisted in finding the best contributors for the most different topics, here are some examples:


  • Norwegian Prime Minister: Jonas Gahr Støre

  • Chief Governance and Compliance Officer of the Norwegian Sovereign Fund: Carine Smith Ihenacho

  • Managing Director of Carbon Capture and Storage Nothern Lights : Børre Jacobsen

  • Norwegian Anthropologist: Thomas Hylland Eriksen

  • Oslo’s Climate Department: Audun Garberg



Take contact with us for an accurate quote.

Jonas Gahr Støre France Television.JPG
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